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Wound care,


Using thousands of historical data points, WoundIQ will predict the most optimal plan-of-care based on a patient's PMH and active wound data.

AI-driven analytics

WoundIQ automatically recommends the appropriate ICD codes based on a patient's profile - and intelligently matches the most probably CPT codes.

Maximize revenue

As soon as the physician orders a study, the entire team is notified, and the task is tracked until completion, keeping everyone on the same page.

Better communications

Import patients in seconds, not hours. WoundIQ automatically provides patient demographic information and ICD codes from foreign EMRs.

Auto onboarding

The end of all double-documentation. With one click, WoundIQ sends out batched summaries and reports for each visit as well as tailored internal performance reports. 

Automated reporting

Easily browse through all your patients for the day in room order. No more shuffling through endless stacks of paper.

Silky-smooth UI

Ready to get started?

The WoundIQ difference

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